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Frozen grapes

this recipe comes via Juliette Daigre. – buy grapes. – wash grapes. – put grapes in freezer. – leave grapes in the freezer for a while. – eat grapes. That’s it. They are AWESOME. Advertisements

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NHS solace mince and tatties

The House of Lords today passed the Health and Social Care Bill, which effectively means the end of the NHS. I have given up drinking for a month, so rather than the large whisky I would usually turn to on … Continue reading

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Throw your own tapas party!

by Kate Harris Throw your own tapas party!   First off, I should probably level with you that the total cost of all these ingredients is not cheap. You may wish to make it cheaper by serving more of the … Continue reading

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Solidarity soup

At work, we have a tradition: if any of our colleagues have a baby then the rest of us cook them dinner for the first couple of weeks. Today, it’s my turn. We also have loads of veg left in … Continue reading

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peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches

This recipe is basically all in the title. But let me tell you about them. After I left school, I got a job as a ‘chugger’. You know, a ‘charity mugger’. I loved it. I could use my cheeky 18 … Continue reading

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mushroom and blue cheese gravy

I agreed to make the gravy to go with veggie sausages and mash tonight. This is what we ended up with. ingredients: – 1 onion – 1 clove of garlic – 1 large mushroom – a splash of soy sauce … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s mousakka

I wrote up a recipe a week or so ago that was a mix between a lasagne and a mousakka. This is half shepherd’s pie, half mousakka – basically because there was lamb mince, left over mashed potato, and lots … Continue reading

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