NHS solace mince and tatties

The House of Lords today passed the Health and Social Care Bill, which effectively means the end of the NHS. I have given up drinking for a month, so rather than the large whisky I would usually turn to on such an occassion, I cooked the following comfort food. Enjoy.

beef mince
stock cubes
bay leaf
a tin of tomatoes
garam masala
blue cheese (whatever you like best)

Chop the onion, fry it in olive oil. Chop the carrots. Add them. Throw in the mince, stir it occasionally on a medium heat.

Chop the tatties and boil them.

Add the tinned tomato, a stock cube or two, the bay leaf, a good fistful of garam masala, and a good hunk of blue cheese to the mince.

Chop the broccoli.

When the mince and tatties are nearly done – ie the tatties slip off a knife, and the mince tastes great but is still quite juicy – boil or steam the broccoli, being careful not to over do it.

Eat. If you haven’t given up booze for the month, probably have red wine with it. Or whisky. Or beer… And then mourne the slow passing of our finest national institution.

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