Use up the courgette glut – recipe one

By Kay Gee


kilo of boneless stewing meat – I use pork – leave out if veggie.
oil for browning
2 onions
garlic (couple of cloves)
225ml white wine
6 big fresh toms if you’ve grown them or can of tomatoes
4 – 6 medium courgettes – topped & tailed
Sage – few leaves fresh, teaspoon dried (optional)
More wine or water if liquid level gets low

Cut pork into chunks
Skin & chop fresh toms if using or open can.
Heat oil until smoking, brown pork, put aside into bowl
Add more oil if needed, lightly brown onions
Add garlic & fry for a minute or so
Pour in wine & tomatoes
Add meat back if using, add whole courgettes
Season to taste
Check every now & then & add more liquid if needed
Add sage 5 to 10 minutes before end if using

Simmer on low heat for hour to hour & a half until meat is tender

Serve with carbs of your choice – I tend to do it with rice.


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