mushroom and blue cheese gravy

I agreed to make the gravy to go with veggie sausages and mash tonight. This is what we ended up with.


– 1 onion

– 1 clove of garlic

– 1 large mushroom

– a splash of soy sauce

– basil

– 2/3 veggie stock cubes

– a lump of blue cheese (whatever kind you like best)

– a little corn flower

– some milk

Chop and fry the onion and garlic in olive oil, shaking in some basil. Dice your mushroom into pieces a couple of cm across. Once the onion is transluscent, scrape it over to one half of the pan, and throw the mushroom into the other (so they don’t mix, initially – this means the mushrooms cook better). Add some salt, and a little soy sauce to the mushrooms. Once the mushrooms have cooked down a bit, crumble your stock cubes, and add them, and a shake of cornflower. Fry it all for a couple more minutes, alsways scraping off the bottom, then add milk to the whole lot, mixing it in until it’s about the consistancy you want (I like it thick). Add blue cheese to taste. Then taste is, see if you think it needs anything else or any more of anything. And keep going until it’s perfect. Then serve.

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