Salmon Pasta

by Simon Tyszko

This is a v simple and Très delicious thick ribbon pasta dish (Pappardelle)

which is delicious hot and equally mouthwatering when served cold.

as with all of my recipes, I prefer guidelines rather than rules, play with the ideas here, make variations.



smoked salmon, 

either slices or even cheaper packs of trimmings works well with this.

a few strands of dill

soured cream

olives, preferably some with flavour and not those soapy tined ones so often found in food. Local Arabic shops have tubs and tubs of the most delicious olives these days, so make the effort and be thrilled.

parmesan cheese

maldon crystal salt

quality extra virgin olive oil

as ever for pasta prepare a vast bubbling pan of boiling water (with a lid to save energy) and take strict note of the cooking time for the Pappardelle you have chosen.

dice the salmon and the dill separately, grate plenty of parmesan and place to one side.

cook the pasta till just al dente  then drain but leave it moist not bone dry.

In the still hot pan you cooked in spash a very generous amount of extra the virgin olive oil onto of the pasta, thespian it around to coat all the strands.

Then add the diced salmon and stir into the pasta, distributing it as evenly as possible.

Put the lid back on and let it stand for a few minutes during which time the heat of the pasta cooks the salmon and releases all the groovy fishy juice into the Pappardelle, then add the dill and a handful of olives and whoosh it around again, then finally add the cream, crystal salt to taste and a generous amount of crumbly finely grated parmesan..

serve and impress.

This dish turns into a fabulous pasta salad when cold and is fab on its own or with added mayonnaise or cream. be creative and enjoy


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