Rhubarb Meringue pud

It’s rhubarb season. This recipe is from the excellent Sally Dyson, who has lots of it in her garden I hear.

Basic recipe

Per person
2 x small meringue (shop bought will do)
2 big spoons (or to taste of stewed rhubarb) tinned or your own from your garden
little bit of grated ginger (or crystalised ginger)
1 small bowl or glass

couple of spoons of double cream (single if you’re feeling the need to be skinny)
sprinkling of flaked almonds (or other nuts)

Crumble one meringue into the bowl and add rhubarb (including quite a bit of juice)
Leave for an hour or two for meringue to go chewy – (go out, shop, walk, campaign, watch tv, listen to radio – your choice)
Grate some ginger on top and gently mix
Crumble second meringue on top (maybe only half …)
Add cream
Add flaked almonds

Sit down,


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