Chocolate tortillas (lazy person’s pancakes)

This scrumptious recipe is from the excellent Kate Harris. You should also read her blog, which is normally about those areas of politics which don’t revolve around recipes.

Serves one relatively greedy person

Ingredients:  Tortillas, Nutella Optional: toasted chopped hazelnuts, whipped cream, a chopped banana.

This is not so much of a recipe as a suggestion.

A couple of weeks ago I had a serious chocolate craving and all the shops were closed. I had no normal bread. So I decided to make myself a sort of bread crepe. The result was delicious. The texture of toasted tortillas is great, as anyone who has had quesadillas will know.


1.Fold two tortillas in four (half and then half again) and put them in the toaster for a short amount of time until the outsides are slightly browned and crisp.

2. Taking care as the insides will be very hot and steamy, open out the tortillas and spread a generous amount of Nutella inside. Not so much that it will spill over the edges if you fold it back up though.

3. Fold up the tortillas again and toast on each side with a dry frying pan on a gentle heat. (You might want to use a crappy old frying pan since not all frying pans like to be used to toast things and it could take off the non-stick Luckily I have a £3 frying pan I got in Ikea a year ago that fits the bill perfectly.)

4. Serve. You may want to sprinkle chopped toasted hazelnuts on the top, if you have any. (I tend to keep hazelnuts around for cake making), or perhaps some cream or even more Nutella on the top. A chopped banana goes really well, too – a great, admittedly fattening, way of getting one of your five a day.


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