Courgette, mushroom and egg pasta

OK, I just got in from a day delivering newsletters in Cardiff. It’s after 10, and I’m hungry. So this is something quick & easy but dead filling. My housemates have all eaten, so the portions are for 1.


1/2 an onion

a clove of garlic  or two

1/2 a courgette

a handful of mushrooms (remember they shrink as you cook them).

1 egg (per person)

soy sauce


Chop the onion, and start to slow fry it (saute it). It doesn’t matter if you do slices or dices for this.

take your half courgette, and cut it into really pretty small bits. Basically the smaller the better (within reason). If you don’t know how to do this, here’s a simple explanation. If you do, skip the next para…

Cutting your courgette into tiny bits:

cut it in half horizontally across the middle.  Cut it lengthways into thin slices – maybe a cm across or so – BUT don’t cut the whole length. Leave a little bit at the end to hold the whole thing together until you’re done. Turn it 90 degrees on its side,  then cut lengthways again. Then holding it together, cut horizontally into thin slices. It should fall into little cubes.

Once the onion is translucent, turn up the heat and throw in your courgettes and a shake of salt. Then chop your mushrooms. These too should be quite small, but don’t bother making them neat (if they are different sized bits, that’s good). I line up lots of them and basically chop arbitrarily down on the board until they are in little bits.

Once the courgettes have been seared, and are smelling good, crush the garlic with the blade of your knife, and throw it in (leaving it this late makes the whole thing taste more strongly of garlic). Then throw in the mushrooms, turning the heat down a bit.

Add a slosh of soy sauce. Put a lid on the pan (or, I don’t have a lid for this pan, so I’m using the plate I’m gonna eat off later, which also warms it up. Put on the kettle for pasta, and put the pasta on.

Once the pasta is cooked, mix it in with the sauce.

Crack an egg making sure you keep the yolk in one half of a shell, whilst pouring the white over your pasta and sauce. Pour the yolk from half-shell to half shell, making sure all of the white is separated from it and added to the pasta and sauce. Keep the half shell with the yolk in, put the heat back on on the pan for a second, and stir the white into the sauce until it’s cooked.

Then add the pasta to your plate.

Then, place the half shell with the yolk in to middle of the plate of pasta and sauce.

Right before you eat it (making sure it’s still hot when you do), pour the yolk into the pasta and sauce, and stir it in, so that it is cooked, but still runny – how a yolk should be.

that’s it.

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